What our clients are saying

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"This is the third time I have had Nader represent me. This recent case was for no OL 2+, when I went to court I had my license and community service done. Nader walked in the court room, I got called up to the judge and my case was dismissed. Highly recommended!"

May 19th, 2024

-Nadi H

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The best of the best!

"Nader Hasan was amazing in helping me with my traffic cases! I was so stressed and overwhelmed, but I couldn’t have had a better lawyer supporting and advocating for me. I can’t say thank you enough! I highly recommend him as an attorney."

November 17, 2022

- Anonymous

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Custody and Divorce

"Mr. Hasan is a great lawyer! He provided me lots of support during the divorce and custody process. He is very organized and knowledgeable. You just have to follow his lead. He is humble and down to earth. I will recommend Mr.Hasan. He is the best attorney!"

November 7, 2022

- Sehar

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"Not only did he reach the optimal plea deal for my case, he saved me and my family a lot of money as well as being there like an extra family member. When working with Mr. Hasan not only did he change the outcome of my life but also changed how I saw my life. I wish I had met him on different circumstances, but nevertheless, you have nothing to worry of fear if you have Mr. Hasan by your side."

January 4, 2022

- Hashem

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Excellent Attorney!!!

"Over the years, I have retain Mr. Hasan as my attorney on multiple cases. (Family, Civil and Traffic). What I like about him is that he is compassionate and straight forward towards your situation. My outcome to every case has been rewarding. I definitely recommend Mr. Hasan with any case that you might have. You will not be disappointed!"

February 10, 2021

- Franklin

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Mr. Hasan and his team are the best.

"Not only is he a great lawyer, but also as a great human being. He and his team helped me with my son’s custody and child support cases in March 2024, during and after different appeals by his mother. He is the lawyer everyone should be using. Not that I encourage you to call him at this time, but he was staying up late past midnight and answering my calls and emails, and took in consideration every detail, even the ones I believed weren’t that important to present in court. But then I was surprised after I told him all of these small details and supporting evidence, and he put it all together and made an incredible presentation in court. Don’t expect him to win your case by himself because you have all the evidence, and I have learned that any small detail can still count."

April 3, 2024

- Rafael

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Mr Hasan is a very knowledgeable attorney.

"He patiently and carefully listening to all the client concerns and never rush.

He has been helping me true my custody and divorce case, and I am very pleased with the outcome so far, and looking forward to continue that stressful process with him since I have full trust on his ability and experience.

I do recommend him to anyone who is looking for a professional attorney."

March 2, 2022

- Aven

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Absolutely Paramount

"Nader and his team were absolutely paramount in beating a case for me. The team was very Responses with any request I had. Thank you Nader!! I highly recommend Mr. Hasan!!"

May, 2024

- Jason